Welcome to my art space.

Originally from Russia, I grew up in the beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg and currently am living and working as an artist in Chicago, USA.

I am a medical doctor by education and a painter by vocation. Since childhood, I have always been drawing. I love to create, make art and mixed media projects.

Visiting a friend at medical college, I attended a lecture of anatomy. I left the lecture full of new-found passion – I decided to pursue art and medicine.

Medical school required drawing. I used dry media to visualize cells, human anatomy, etc.

Also I learned batik and showed at local festivals. I studied silk painting and entered a three-year experimental phase, creating both pantings and their canvasses – apparel designed to my specifications to accommodate my paintings.

I moved to Moscow after graduating medical school. I continued painting and I worked together with other women artists on a collaborative project teaching children the art of silk painting while creating eco clothing using only natural silk and wool.

A new chapter of my life brought me to St. Petersburg, Russia’s cultural capital. There, life put brushes and colors into my hands and I could only paint! I began to explore oils and became passionately involved with the medium. I sought out and studied with local established painters whose work resounded with me.

After two years in St. Petersburg, I moved to Dubai where I continued my studies with a Syrian artist who taught me ancient Syrian secrets of technique in oils. With her, I learned to face my inhibitions, and to flow with my feelings, putting it all into my work.

I live in Chicago now where I am moved by the combined urban and natural landscapes. The vibe of the city urges me, as does my internal voice and need for balance and harmony.

Welcome to my virtual art gallery, relax and enjoy it.

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