My travels have a big influence on me and my creations. I focus on themes of nature and harmony and want to show not only what I see every day, but how I feel about what I see. My paintings exist on the border between realism and abstraction. I try to catch feeling with colors and brushwork.
Experimentation is my constant companion. Painting for me is a tactile experience and I use my hands and fingers as well as the painting knife to achieve the desired outcome. Each color has its own personality and each brush is unique.
I create encouraging them to interact.
Being open to unexpected result lets my work evolve. Painting puts me in a meditative state where my mind and my art flow together. I let myself create without thoughts and critique. Like this, I don’t have a plan for colors and each painting is intuitively individual

Chicago mood


Color energy

Watercolor paintings

Mixed media Art on watercolor paper

The Sea


Internal ocean



  • All works priced unframed.
  • Prints available.
  • USPS, Priority mail or UPS ground shipping included for U.S. purchases. International shipping will require additional charge. Please contact me.
  • Payment by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, or personal check.
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